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Yet another item that you should go buy now (because you just won’t find it come December) is SillyBandz. Simple in design, but an amazing idea. SillyBandz are just like the rubber bracelets from back when I was a kid, but each is 100% molded silicone so when you take it off your wrist it forms the shape of an animal or design!

The other good thing about SillyBandz is that they come in packs of 24 (four each of six designs) so you’ve got some for yourself and some to trade with friends!

Be aware, there are other companies producing “Character Rubber Bands”, of the ones I’ve seen (and purchased) they aren’t all of the same quality as genuine SillyBandz.  Real SillyBandz, for example, made it through a trip in the washing machine while some non-Silly Bands did not..

New designs are being released all the time.  Be on the lookout for the two newest series, Beach (which are UV activated and change color in the sun!) and Art Fest (which are Tye Die!)

The Spring series is sure to become a collectors item, as it is the first set to have been “Retired” (and if anyone finds the Ocean set, I really want the penguin!)

Robert Croak (of Toledo, Ohio), the “man behind the SillyBandz” (who may or may not be considering an acquisition of Google..) is a regular poster on Twitter and Facebook

More information about SillyBandz can be found at their website as well as company Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Sing-A-Ma Jigs!

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Occasionally (in the middle of summer) I’ll tell people “Go buy that now and save it for Christmas.” Nine times out of ten I’ll get an odd glare. That one out of ten can’t thank me enough because they didn’t have to spend something ridiculous on ebay because it’s THE toy for Christmas and no one can find it in a store. One of my choices for this year are Sing-A-Ma Jigs by Fisher Price.

There are four to collect and each has it’s own personality.  When you squeeze their stomach they open their mouths and sing a note.  Squeeze it again and it’ll sing the next note in the song.  Hold it and it’ll hold the note.

Each of these collectible critters has three modes of play, allowing them to chatter, sing by themselves, or sing together (in perfect pitch!) if you have more than one.

Those of you not looking at me like I have three heads will thank me in eight months 😉

Sing-A-Ma Jigs are available now at Toys R Us!

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