The Circle of Life

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This is part of a series of posts related to my recent trip to the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

But the sun rolling high;  Through the sapphire sky;  Keeps great and small on the endless round…   *ahem*

They’re friends, and they eat each other! It’s a complicated relationship..

Meet Food Chain Friends

Created by Pintsize Productions, Each of these adorable plush has it’s own species name and backstory, as well as conveniently fitting in the stomach of the one a size bigger!

Pictured above is the “Alpha Series” (which you can purchase as the set of five or in smaller sets of two or three)

“The Fraaky, the tiniest creature of the Daro prairie, scurries to and fro, bonking into things and feasting on dust too small to see with the naked eye. His best friend and main predator is Skitter, with whom he loves to play a great game of tag. The Skitter is similar to the Earth rabbit in size. He likes to hop to great heights, but often bops his head on low hanging branches. His large ears allow him to hear things miles away. His favorite pal is the Sleeth, with whom he likes to play hide-and-seek. The Sleeth is a slug, snake like creature that slithers through the tall Daro grass. He loves to play games and can often be seen chasing his own tail! He eats anything in sight, especially the Fraaky! The Herkin is the furriest creature on Daro. He likes to roll around in the prairie grass to cool off on a hot summer day. He plays hopscotch with the Skitter on lazy days. And the Skitter is tasty too! The Lankum is a slow creature, but his tongue is fast and he loves to talk! The Lankum is shy and embarrassed by his appearance. He shares much more than a meal with the Herkin!”

Also available is the “Beta Series” (in a set of five or smaller sets of two and three)

“The Zezzel is the tiniest and most active creature in the Daro Forest. His favorite food is the moss of the Floober trees where he also takes cover inside the bark. The Skoodle looks very much like an earth snail. However, his shell is not completely hard, thus exposing his body through swiss-cheese like holes! He snacks on the bark of the Floober tree where he occasionally finds a delicious treat, the Zezzel! The Fergel is a lot like the Earth squirrel, but he has a very large mouth! He jumps among the Floober trees staying a step ahead of the Vextie! His favorite snack is his pal, the Skoodle. The Vextie is the fastest and sneakiest creature in the Daro Forest. He is reminiscent of an Earth lizard. He enjoys snacking on moss and Fergels and Skoodles and an occasional Zezzel! But he scatters when he sees a Frokol! The Frokol is a jolly creature, but rather dull. He loves to hear himself talk and rarely notices when someone creeps away from the conversation. He has vacuum-like lungs that can suck the bark off the Floober tree and little creatures, too!”

The depth and storyline behind each of these characters goes far deeper, all while teaching children science!

Be on the lookout for my personal favourite, the “Gamma Series”, available soon!

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