My First Toy

Posted by Joe on Aug 31, 2009 in Joe's Collection, Toys

My First Toy

Ok, so this wasn’t my very first toy, I’m sure even I’ll never know what that was, but in cleaning the basement the other day, I found THE toy.

The one toy that is the reason my collection is what it is today.
As a kid I always had horrible luck with toys, every one I wanted was either never produced or impossible to find. Purr-Tenders Duck, Inspector Gadget Doctor Claw, Dick Tracy’s The Blank, (to name only a few..) and Ray Fillet was no exception.. I wanted him, we couldn’t find him.. We looked everywhere, and when he finally did turn up my mom insisted that we buy two. One for me to play with, and one to keep in the package because it was “rare”. Even at the age of 5, every action figure afterwards I insisted that we buy two. One for me to play with, and one to keep in the package. The rest, was history..

Sadly, my mother didn’t quite see it the way I did, and while I still have all of the figures, the packages on a lot of them got ruined.. Some people just will never get it..
More pictures of some of the other Ninja Turtles I found after the jump..

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I couldn’t find the item that I wanted to spotlight this week (I’ve got two of them at that..) and instead of just grabbing something else weird and exciting…  Please enjoy this photo of my cat..


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The Claw is My Master!

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I have been Chosen!


Toy Story is celebrating an anniversary next year and in celebration Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are being released in theaters in 3D.  In preparation for this Thinkway Toys has released a new line of movie accurate toys!

If you couldn’t tell by now, the Aliens are my absolute favorite, and when I saw this set I had to have one (or two or three..)

The aliens are exact replicas based on original movie footage and the exact size the ones in the movie would have been had it not been, you know.. animated..

Each one has it’s own facial expression (which undoubtedly changes when no one is looking)

The set also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity stating that they’re exact movie replicas.

Keep an eye out for the movie accurate Buzz Lightyear, Woody (with 50 different sayings!), AND Bucket of Army Men as well as many other fun Alien items!

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