Toy Fair 2010

Posted by Joe on Feb 14, 2010 in NYC, Toy Fair 2010, Toys

It’s that time of year again.  This week Toy Fair is happening in New York City. (It’s not open to the public, sorry!)  I always say they can’t outdo themselves, but all of the vendors and the TIA do a simply AMAZING job every year bringing the whole of the toy universe together under one roof!  Below is a picture of the opening ceremonies.  More fun toy info to follow (I have to fit some sleep in too)

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My First Toy

Posted by Joe on Aug 31, 2009 in Joe's Collection, Toys

My First Toy

Ok, so this wasn’t my very first toy, I’m sure even I’ll never know what that was, but in cleaning the basement the other day, I found THE toy.

The one toy that is the reason my collection is what it is today.
As a kid I always had horrible luck with toys, every one I wanted was either never produced or impossible to find. Purr-Tenders Duck, Inspector Gadget Doctor Claw, Dick Tracy’s The Blank, (to name only a few..) and Ray Fillet was no exception.. I wanted him, we couldn’t find him.. We looked everywhere, and when he finally did turn up my mom insisted that we buy two. One for me to play with, and one to keep in the package because it was “rare”. Even at the age of 5, every action figure afterwards I insisted that we buy two. One for me to play with, and one to keep in the package. The rest, was history..

Sadly, my mother didn’t quite see it the way I did, and while I still have all of the figures, the packages on a lot of them got ruined.. Some people just will never get it..
More pictures of some of the other Ninja Turtles I found after the jump..

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Anniversary!

Posted by Joe on Feb 8, 2009 in Toys

When I was little I had almost every Ninja Turtle they made.  We used to go around to all the different stores (who remembers Child World?)  trying to track them down. (I remember the Manta Ray was the hardest to find..)  What’s wacky about my story is that even at the age of three, I had two of every figure.  One to play with, and the other to keep in the package.  So, somewhere in my vast collection of toys (that I hope to catalog here!) I still have many of the Ninja Turtles still in their original packaging!

When I walked into Target the other day and saw these, I was most excited!  While not exact replicas of the originals (the packaging is different even though it features the original designs) they are just like the ones I had and now I have to have the new ones! (two of each of course!)

I don’t like the template of the blog either, temporary until I find or customize something I actually like..

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